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Ozone-Delta 2


množstvo informácií od šťastných majiteľov Delty 2 ...TU nájdeš  12 strán príspevkov :).  Moje pocity z tohto padáku ako neskutočne stabilného s úžasným výkonom a naozaj hravým handlingom sa potvrdzujú. Slovensku už lieta prvých 5 ks.....-.)    

........... Now I have some 12 hours on my Delta 2 and I´m getting to know her better. Every day I am more content with the performance and safely of this glider. This week we saw very demanding conditions in Valle de Bravo, in the top of the dry seasons. Strong thermals, strong wind, strong turbulence. Even the hang gliders have had issues with the turbulence. My Delta 2 was very collapse resistant end even in the strongest conditions, I felt safe under the wing (bear in mind, I was flying it actively). In the space of 3 days I have flown to places I had never ventured before, and have flown the largest distance in my personal records. Much farther than the last outer waypoints on an international competition. I ran out of waypoints and was still 2,000 meters above ground.

Needles to say, the Delta 2 makes you feel very safe, it is a jewel when it comes to thermalling and glides like the very best. Speed is very usable, and the handling is very sharp. I could not be happier and would change nothing.......... (kúsok z  PG fóra)

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