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NOVA pokračuje v maximalizme - MENTOR 4!!!

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Colours MENTOR4


MENTOR 4 – gets you further

Dear Nova Partner,

At the Coupe Icare (St. Hilaire), we will present an XC wing which sets new standards: the MENTOR 4.

Our design team around Philipp Medicus was able to increase the performance of the wing – in comparison to the MENTOR 3 – by approximately half a glide number across the entire polar curve.

In terms of technology, the MENTOR 4 is packed with NOVA‘s 25 years of experience of producing paragliders – Smart Cells improve the load distribution in the wing; the Air Scoop increases the internal pressure, which adds to performance and stability; Double 3D Shaping ensures a smooth profile nose.

A new feature is the weight-optimised construction: the MENTOR 4 is lighter, but at least as durable, as its predecessor. This is achieved through an intelligent

mixture of materials.

The look of the wing is new: the MENTOR 4 has a clean design and with its coloured tips it harks back to NOVA‘s beginnings. Alongside the wing design, we have also developed a new brand logo: NOVA is technical, innovative and stands for friendly co-operation. Our brand look should reflect this.

The MENTOR 4 is currently being certified at EN B. The first demo gliders will be delivered from the end of October.


Takže inými slovami : máme tu Mentor 4 s klzavosťou o 0,5 lepšou od M3 v celej poláre!!!!  Takže je úplne jasné, že kto bude v sezone 2015 vládnuť triede Hi ENB. (Mentor 3 zatiaľ nenašiel premožiteľa...)



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